Uploading files using CuteFTP

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This article show how to upload or transfer files from our computer to a remote server.

1) Click the Site Manager icon here.

2) Select the site we want to connect to, then click Connect.

3) Click OK.

That’s it! We’ve successfully established an FTP connection with Demo345.com, and now have two windows open…. our local computer files are displayed in the window on the left….. and our remote server files in Demo345.com are displayed in the window here on the right.

4) Let’s navigate to the public_html folder. It is in here that we want to upload some files.

5) Select the files we want to upload here in our local computer window. Hold down the CTRL key to select multiple files for uploading.

6) When ready, click the Upload icon here to start transferring the files to our remote server.

That’s it! We’ve successfully uploaded the selected files to the remote server, and they are now also displayed here in the remote server window.

To demonstrate how to download files, we’ll first remove a file from our local computer…..

7) Highlight the photo.htm file and delete it.

8) Click the Delete icon here.

9) Click Yes to confirm.

10) Now let’s download the photo.htm file from the remote server to our local computer.

There it is!

11) To close the connection to the remote server, click the disconnect icon here.